Our Story


The Hawthorn Bistro and Bakery is an evolution of a concept founded in 2017. Started as a fine dining restaurant, we would bake the table bread daily from a starter that we set up before we opened. Through making the daily bread in our wood fired oven, a new passion was discovered. It was through this realization, that we wanted to bring artisan bread baking to Tallahassee. Closing briefly in the winter of 2018, the staff set out to perfect several different breads and we are ready to share them with the community.

Our breads will be available after 4p.m., daily, so that they are fresh and warm on the way home from work. Aside from bread being our main focus, we will have a rotation of other baked goods that are a selection of both sweet and savory that are inspired by what is coming off of our local Tallahassee farms.

Hawthorn bread should last several days wrapped loosely in its paper wrapper. It also lasts simply placed cut side down on your cutting board. We sincerely hope you enjoy these offerings. New items will always be explored and rolled out so stay tuned for new things we are excited about!