Dear Tallahassee and all our customers, supporters, family and friends,

On November 10th, Hawthorn closed its doors in its current form. We are so thankful for each and every guest that has walked through our doors. We have loved preparing beautiful food for you, providing excellent service and all in a gorgeous setting.

However, as Hawthorn reached the end of its first year, we naturally reflected on the work we had done. We asked ourselves “What are we really bringing to Tallahassee’s crowded food scene?” and “How are we moving it forward?” It is in that reflection that I, as a chef, unfortunately realized there are aspects of what we were doing that I was simply not passionate about. My heart just wasn’t in it. I believe in our food, service and atmosphere – however it just isn’t “me”. My Chef, cooks and all the creative members on our team were ready to take a step back, revaluate the product we are delivering to you as our guest and come back as something we truly believe in.

With that, in 2019 we will reintroduce you to The Hawthorn Bistro and Bakery. We are so excited to share this new venture with all of Tallahassee! There will be more details to come over the next few months. Please follow us on social media to watch our journey and for weekly updates as we study, develop and perfect the craft of bread baking.

Thank you,
Jesse Edmunds
Chef & Owner Seven Hills Hospitality Group