To all our patrons and members of the community:

“After following the rapidly evolving situation regarding Covid-19, and considering the safety of our staff and guests, starting Wednesday the 18th, all Seven Hills Hospitality Group properties will close for dine-in service. After talking with staff and management, we feel it is imperative to not be a contributor to the spread of this in hopes it helps our way of life get back to normal. By ripping off the band-aid as a community, 95% of us can survive being down for 2-3 weeks. However, by continuing to operate and potentially delaying the containment of the spread, 95% will absolutely not survive 2-3 months or however long it takes.

We feel it is a duty to deal with this in the best way we know how and focus on each other as a team and our community as the reason for our existence. We all pray that this gets under control soon so we can get back to doing what we do best, serving you. Our plan is to monitor the situation daily and reopen on April 3rd, pending recommendations otherwise from the CDC and the Florida Dept. of Health. No one could imagine this would happen but shows how connected we are yet still to this planet, our communities, and as humans in this global economy. We will take this time to clean and refresh all facilities and make sure they are as safe as possible when we re welcome you back in. For now, we will do all in our power to take care of staff and ensure they have jobs when we return to work. After this, I am sure we will all need a drink and a delicious plate of food. We will get through this as a company and a community and look forward to serving you as soon as safely possible. “

Jesse Edmunds

Seven Hills Hospitality Group



Is proud to bring you:

-Fresh baked artisan bread, available hot out of the oven daily after 4p.m

-A Liberty Farms focused Bistro Menu available daily 11:30am-7:00pm

-Happy Hour featuring Wood-fired Sourdough Flat Breads and drink specials daily 4pm-7pm

-Seasonal sweet and savory baked items available daily starting at 8am